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Taking precautions is always considerably simpler than coping with the consequences of carelessness. While several minutes are required by setup of PC imaging applications, loss of significant data stored on your own computer inevitably has far-reaching effects and may cost much. Imagine that you’ve got spent long months or years creating and collecting something and it goes nowhere one day. And you CAn’t do anything about it. Sure, the feeling isnt that enjoyable. Making copy images seems even more realistic given data security is continually place at risk. Variables that were all conceivable can cause information loss: installation of malware interfering with deletion of important files, HDD dislocations, system errors, or even your operating system or damaging files made by mistake by the user. The list can go on and on. Acronis True Image Home 2012 is a straightforward and dependable alternative.

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Whatever comes, you can be sure that your info will stay undamaged. Dont be afraid of making bogus measures Acronis True Image Home 2012 makes complete backup images of your hard drive, which means that should problems arise, the applications can recover the entire pc, setting all files at their former positions. As it was the operating system will be the same. You are going to have the exact same icons on your own desktop, the exact same applications, the same web browser settings, exactly the same shortcuts. PC imaging software makes backup copies incrementally, registering nonstop all the changes. You only work as usual with Acronis work. The changes in files are then presented in the chronological arrangement, so the user can choose any expected period. Its like travelling through time: you dont need to be afraid of making mistakes, because if something goes wrong you can readily return to the interval of your life when everything was OK. п»ї

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All you need for it’s one click. Be free in choosing the storage device Full backup pictures which could be saved on practically all kinds of data storage devices are made by pC imaging software made by Acronis, from GPT disks to memory sticks. All backup data is properly compressed the software which enables to save much space on your data storage device. The software supports the most recent USB 3.0 standard which allows to transfer backup information to the data storage devices at a very high speed. Afterward the copy information that was saved can be kept in a remote safe location to protect it. To increase the amount of security the user can subscribe to online backup service provided by Acronis at a competitive price. Optimize your work Acronis supplies a number of useful features which help to optimize your work and picks for maximal efficiency. One of them is synchronization of backup data among multiple machines. You can always be sure you are working on exactly the same file using different PCs at home and at work: your info is always replicated between both computers.

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