The Reason & Setting of Report Writing

Byline Baker The Register-Guard `I would like to own Pennsylvania’s & Ma Cafe because…" Yes, the bistro in Ore., is for sale. And it’ll cost you only $150 – and a few words. Some published words that fill out the first phrase within this story’s blank. Nestled in the root of the Blue Hills in Heck’s Canyon, while in the tiny community that sits 12 miles northeast of LaGrande, the restaurantis owners Harry and Roxana McKaig are presenting the 40-chair bistro and its fully-paid mortgage, plus $50,000 in initial cash as a motivation, to whoever creates the top article explaining why they should be the newest homeowners. " anything would be received by them. Down to the napkins," suggests McKaig, who moved from Nj along with his partner in 1991 for the LaGrande spot. After running a Fresh York-style dog wagon that was hot in Imbler for a long time, the pair obtained the restaurant summer that was last. But Harry’s center difficulties have brought them to rethink running it. The McKaigs outlined the cafe for-sale, but somebody told them across the country who have distributed businesses or their properties by possessing article contests managed by state law of others.

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Most of the McKaigs must draw on off it is a pure 2000 items. Do the q: 2000 moments $150 equals $ 300. Truly, Harry McKaig suggests he’d let it all select $225,000, which may mean 1,500 entries. Still, that’s 1, 500 more entries compared to the McKaigs have received since the six- March 1, contest began. "It’s early," Harry says. Tournaments that are such are not all that rare, says speaker for that Oregon Attorney General’s Office, Jan Margosian. " annually that state they wish to do this is heard from two or one companies by me," Margosian claims. "I can’t inform you how successful a lot of them are, because we never notice about them (later) unless there exists a problem." Like that time a few years ago when a rancher didn’t get enough items and kept an essay competition, but decided to maintain the cash anyway. That is clearly a nono, Margosian says.

Organizations that take short-cuts in managing pollution threaten our environment.

" when it comes to the regulation, all of it precipitates to disclosure," she says. " We inform them,’Now hear. You better follow (the rules). Because if not, we are returning after you.” Harry McKaig, who used legal counsel to help him put the article contest claims there’ll be no funny enterprise associated with this competition. The long list of contest guidelines to the pairis website – – that state the competition "is firmly sorted" by state law appears to be to point that he’s informing the facts. And preferably, the manager that is new will understand how to make eggs "sunny-side-over easy." When it comes to handling the sensitive, albeit simple, egg purchase, Harry, whois a whiz at meal and dinner, is not so great. Not he did not try. "I got so disappointed, I returned to each stand and mentioned -’Here’s $20.

Without them, things get a whole lot worse.

Go-to Dennyis,” Harry says. "I cannot accomplish that flipping issue." As a result, Pa & Ma is is not no longer close for breakfast. GET A BISTRO Proceed online at and find out photos of Ma Cafe. CAPTION(S): Pa’s & Ma Cafe is about 12 kilometers.

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